Deal Alert – 5.11 Tactical & Maxpedition

Two of my favorite brand just announced their biggest sales of the year!

5.11 Tactical is my favorite backpack and bag brand and they are offering 25% off site and store wide.

Maxpedition is my “go to” pouch and organizer brand. They are offering a “buy one, get one free” sale on their Legacy collection, which is my favorite collection.

5.11 Tactical 25% off Sitewide (11/24-11/29/2020):
Maxpedition Legacy Collection Buy One, Get One Free (Unclear when this will end…it was originally supposed to end on 11/14, but it appears to be extended):

My Favorite 5.11 Products:
RUSH 24 Backpack:
RUSH 72 Backpack:
RUSH 100 Backpack:
RUSH Delivery Lima Messenger Bag:
MOAB 10 Sling Bag:
MOAB 6 Sling Bag:

My Favorite Maxpedition Products:
Beefy Pocket Organizer:
Fatty Pocket Organizer:
EDC Pocket Organizer:
FR-1 Medical Pouch:
Aftermath Compact Toiletries Bag:
Tactical Toiletry Bag:
Cuboid Small:
Cuboid Medium:
Cuboid Large:

We’re always looking for ways to save money. There is rarely ever a “Preparedness Sale” so we’re putting out a series of #DealAlert videos. These videos will highlight deals on
preparedness items at various stores. If there are stores or product types you’d like us to look into and report on, please leave them in the comments below

BONUS: Discounted Gift Cards with Raise – Use this link ( ) and you’ll get $5 FREE when you make your first purchase and support the channel!

Link to FREE Inventory Assessment PDF:

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