Diebulfrog79: Survival Run -Avoiding the homestead Prepper, Lesson 2 the Backyard garden.

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The long winter, 2021 to 2022. You die , stupid. Plain truth. Who’s laughing at old Uncle Al? Reality check: can you grow enough food for a winter or a year?
Then store it, process it, dry it, salt it, smoke it and canned it? Most preppers and Homesteaders lack these skills and Knowledge.

TOPIC : The homestead Back yard garden.
a.) 9200 calories – 1 meal , three times a day , for a family of 4 – 1 year. That’s 2,300 Calories Per Person Daily. MINIMUM!!!
b.) .44 Acre or 76,666 SQ FT.
c.) that meat, grain, Fruit and Vegetables.
Note: we are working on fruit and Vegetables – While Grains are Lesson 3, Meat is Lesson 4.
d.) Five years to mature: 3 to 5 fruit trees, 4 bushes,, 3 Vines -Minimum.
e.) Summer gardens cover the family from hunger , While giving time for winter garden to kick in.
f.) Plant high Cal vegetables- Carrots, Edamane, potatoes, Peas, Beets, Parnips, Most Beans – Green, Dried seed, Butternut Squash , Chick peas, Plantains, Yams, Corn, Sweet Potatoes.

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Please make sure your family has 1 year food and water supply.
Be humble.

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