Food Shortage – Survival Garden Crops You Should be Growing (NOW)

Food Shortage – Full Comprehensive Survival Garden Growing Crop List. I spent a long time researching and determining which plants should be growing in a food supply shortage scenario.

0:00 Intro
2:54 Growing List
8:10 Plants to Grow in Front Yard that are not easily recognizable
16:35 Medicinal Plants
19:00 Plant for your Pets
19:30 Bartering

I went through a general list, plants to grow easily in the front yard that garden thieves won’t easily recognize them as food to steal, fruit trees, medicinal, pet friendly crops to grow and plants that are very valuable to barter with here in a food shortage 2020. Also, I concentrated on plants that have a wide range of planting USDA zones to people, even for food shortage in NYC and many other major cities in the USA.

Due to there being less farm workers to maintain, grow and harvest food from the farms, there might be a broken supply chain for our food in the grocery stores here in the US. On a side note, consumers must concentrate on how they will secure animal products, since if there might be a food shortage there might be a meat shortage as well.

It is paramount that everyone, no matter if you have a large field, small garden, patio or only can grow plants in pots that you focus on prepping yourself and your family for a food supply shortage to help with not being worried by starvation.

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