GREAT DEPRESSION – When times were toughest, no jobs, no money, scarce food, HOW DID THEY GET BY? How did they shop, what did they cook, how did they do it?

Many people have voiced their greatest concern right now is long term unemployment, global economic instability, food shortages, and how they will provide for their families when it hits the fan. Most Preppers have been prepping for some SHTF scenario which involves natural disaster, or some sort of attack. But recently, many have shifted their focus to the economic uncertainty of the very near future.

While we still have access to our money, credit cards, groceries, and supplies… even though prices are steadily climbing, and supplies are growing more and more challenging to come by, we can still find them. But, what should we stock up on? Maybe we should learn from the lessons of the Great Depression.

In the next installment in the Prepping 101 Series, Prepping for Beginners, Kyoshi Dave Herman of Five Elements Tactical Training, shares some tips on what to stock in your Prepper Pantry, to be ready to feed your family, if hard times should come our way.

Five Elements Tactical Training focuses on Self Defense, Home Defense; firearms safety, marksmanship, and tactics, emergency and disaster preparedness, survival skills, and the Warrior Mindset… for beginners, intermediate students, and coaches and instructors alike.

Please pass on this information with your family and friends.
Stay safe out there, Warriors.

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