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In a real street fight attack, there is a lot going on. Wild punches are coming at you with fierce and rage. It’s not just a static fight, there’s a lot of moving around and good footwork skills are needed to stay safe.

With that said, you need to know how to defend yourself and fight back while in movement during a fight.

This is why it’s so important to enhance your footwork skills. In this video, we share self-defense tips and techniques in regards to this topic.

A great way to get ready and prepared for such a situation, is that you should practice your boxing skills. By taking boxing classes, you can learn how to use footwork and striking to your advantage.

If you know how to properly move your feet and see openings to strike back an opponent during a street fight, you’ll be able to have a clear advantage.

Find a self-defense training partner in your area and practice the exercises that are shared in this video.

Furthermore, for more personal protection tips and tricks, subscribe to the Code Red Defense channel.

As always take care of yourself and stay safe.

Striking Fundamentals

Footwork Principles

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