Find out how to choose, grow and prune hydrangeas, and how to tell a hydrangea variety by the flower. Hydrangeas are one of the best long-interest garden shrubs – they flower for months on end, look good over winter and are easy and trouble-free plants to care for. Tips from hydrangea gardener and specialist grower Roger Butler of Signature Hydrangeas in Kent.
1:35 Hydrangea types: Hydrangea macrophylla – mopheads and lacecaps
3:10 Oakleaf hydrangeas – only need very light pruning
3:46 How to choose and care for hydrangeas
3:53 How to understand whether a hydrangea will change colour
4:35 Choosing the right hydrangea for your garden
5:35 What is the best time of year to plant a hydrangea?
5:42 Which plants grow well with hydrangeas?
6:08 Can hydrangeas be moved?
6:19 Can hydrangeas grow indoors?
7:16 What to do if my hydrangea is wilting?
7:37 Do you need to feed hydrangeas?
8:07 Which hydrangeas attract bees?
8:20 Why is my hydrangea not flowering?
9:00 How to look after hydrangeas in winter?
9:40 Which hydrangeas have good foliage?

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