In today’s world, you MUST be prepared to protect yourself and your family! You have to be prepared for any eventuality – including short, medium, and long duration situations; your car breaking down in the middle of nowhere, natural disasters that could last from hours to months, terrorist attacks and active shooter situations that develop in a split second; and even the collapse of governments. Our experts at Prepper Skills would like to guide you on a journey to prepare yourself to meet any challenge with speed, confidence, decisiveness, and… violence of action when required.
We will start with the basics, then move on to more advanced topics and considerations. Everyone’s journey will be a little bit different. This is because each of our life circumstances are different. Some of you live in urban areas, while others live in rural areas. Some of you are younger, while others are older. Some of you are starting with a strong base of knowledge and experience in survival and prepper tasks, while others are just starting the journey. Wherever you are on your personal path to prepare yourself, we can help by offering valuable, useful, and actionable information.
Our base of experience comes from having been there. Our contributors are true Subject Matter Experts who come from a wide array of backgrounds – Special Forces (Green Berets), U.S. Army Rangers, Delta Force, SEALs, USMC, CIA, Law Enforcement Agencies, martial arts masters, doctors, veterinarians. Each of our contributors has a great deal of experience working or traveling around the world in high-risk areas where challenging situations routinely arise with little to no notice.
In order to prepare yourself for these possible events, you must study, learn, and train. You must prepare yourself both mentally and physically to meet any challenge life may place in your way. Tell yourself, “Nothing is going to stop me from surviving this __.” Early awareness can be key to surviving many situations. Therefore, you must develop a mindset of situational awareness. This means constantly being aware of the what’s going on around you so you can act quickly when action is required. Your immediate environment is most important. However, you should monitor developments outside your immediate environment that could impact you in the future.
Again, welcome on a journey to your ability to survive and thrive through any circumstances.

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