Prepping our Pinch Pots for Glazing: Waxing, Dipping, and Dry

This video is for my Ceramics I students to explain and show how we will wax the bottoms of our two pinch cups- and will be dipping one sgraffito cup in the lowfire clear- LG-10 and the other in the white TC-11 base for our majolica glazing. Students will learn how we dip, and then how to clean off the bottoms (dry foot) of the pots after the glazes have dried overnight. (The white and pink take a very long time to dry!)

If wax inadvertently gets in an unwanted area, it must be cleaned off with hot water and soap (like dish soap) before glazing over it.

We are using Standard 103 grogless earthenware for this lowfire exercise.

For the great tools I used in the video (including the mudtools ribs and needle tools) check out this link to a live Googledoc I continually update with lots of my favorite tools on Amazon using my associate links!

I made this video for my Ceramics II students at Mason High School.
I am a public high school ceramics teacher at William Mason High School in Mason, Ohio. (Mason is currently the largest high school in Ohio!) As a potter, I have been working in clay for over 30 years, and I have been teaching for over 28 years, the past 20 have been specifically teaching high school ceramics. I love what I do! I have my own studio in my home basement, where I work on my personal pottery for my Etsy site;

I started my Youtube channel a few years ago, to make videos to help my students if they are absent and miss a demo, or if they would like to explore more advanced techniques independently. I have been amazed to reach such a wider audience than my own students!

Please subscribe to my channel if you would like to receive channel updates, or would like to learn more about clay and studio processes!

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