Senior Self Defense Tips – Kung Fu Report #190

The question that inspired today’s Kung Fu Report is ‘When I get older, how can I defend myself from an attacker?’

Elderly people usually feel very insecure when facing an attacker, most of the time because they feel they are not equivalent against their opponent. There are a few techniques that could make a senior person even in that situation and actually what you will learn from this episode can be a life-safer in a real situation.

Please be advised that these techniques are based on Wing Chun forms and should be used only for self-defense purposes.

I’d like to invite you to pay a visit to my website and take a free class and join me on one of my Wing Chun Training Programs so you can go deeper on this and many other Kung Fu & Wing Chun advanced techniques.
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The Kung Fu Report is a free series about the process of adjusting Traditional Kung Fu for modern-day situations. All the Wing Chun principles and fundamentals are detailed explained.

Topics are based on the questions that the fans send us. So send us your questions.

Here is what you going to see in this video:

00:00 “I’m old, and I’m being attacked!” – Kung Fu Report
00:10 How to an elderly can defend from an attacker
02:40 Concepts to apply in real combat situations
05:10 Adam Chan Wing Chun Academy

Stay safe and train hard.


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