Solo winter camp in snow forest

Spent the night in a winter snowy forest in a cold tent near the bonfire node of three logs.
0:00 Bushcraft mind Introduction
0:23 Winter snow forest ASMR nature sounds
01:48 Tea time
02:27 Walk to swamp with bushcraft gear
03:15 Wear cloak tent poncho in snowstorm swamp forest
04:00 Found a place for bushcraft camping
04:45 Building survival log bed
05:24 Making Bushcraft shelter for solo camping
06:46 Taiga bonfire node of three logs
06:59 Fire srarter, survival skills
08:00 Warming myself by the campfire
08:20 Catching crayfish in swamp. Get food to survive
09:29 Collect ice or snow. Turning snow into water. Bushcraft hacks.
10:09 Bushcraft lighting oil lamp
10:37 Bushcraft mind
10:50 Survival cooking. Cook crayfish on campfire.
11:21 Bushcraft eating wild foods
11:52 Overnight survival in the cold tent camping. Winter snow forest
12:34 Wash face in the snow, hardening in morning winter camping
12:50 Campfire sounds in snow winter forest
13:27 ASMR bushcraft cooking on campfire
14:00 Chicken cooking in the wild camping
14:55 Simple bushcraft tea. Wilderness cooking in forest
15:22 Survival eating in forest
16:20 Outdoors drink tea from kuksa cup
16:28 I disassemble the shelter and pack my things in my bushcraft backpack
17:09 I’m going to new adventures. Bushcraftmind.

I am a beginner youtuber – learning bushcraft and survival skills I want to improve my skills. I will be glad to accept criticism or comments from you, because without criticism from other people, I will not develop for the better.
Follow me as I explore this amazing natural world we live in.

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