Survival Gardening Part 4, economic collapse, peak oil, 2012

Part 4 of our series on Survival Gardening covers the criteria necessary to select vegetable crops from a survival standpoint. Popular vegetable crops are critiqued from a survival gardening standpoint. As usual, various tips and instruction are given throughout the video including security issues relating to gardening post TSHTF, why raised beds might not be the best thing for survival gardening, how to save seeds and more.

tags- preparedness, survival, survivalist, homesteading, self reliance, self sufficiency, food storage, survival retreat, survival training, survival groups, AK47, AR 15, permaculture, organic gardening, gardening, sustainability, prepare for; war, famine, gas shortage, food shortage, economic collapse, nuclear war, end of oil, end times, prophecy, revelation, aliens, zombies, TEOTWAWKI

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