Zen Garden! Rimworld Mod Showcase. Beautiful ornaments, fountains, hedges, floor-ways.

A Zen Garden mod for Rimworld Beta 18 which allows you to make the garden of your dreams! It’s a great decently sized mod which adds in a whole range of ‘zen’ type elements.

‘This mod adds various zen and rock garden themed decorations. Researching stonecutting unlocks everything.

Workshop ID:

Items Added:
Cherry Wood: Pink colored wood
Ebony Wood: Black colored wood
Zen Cherries: Secondary resource of the Zen Cherry Tree
Persimmon: Secondary resource of the Persimmon Tree
Crabapple: Secondary resource of the Crabapple Tree

Objects Added:
Border Path: A nice looking border for placing along important paths, hallways, farms, etc.
Border Pond: Similar to the border path, but with water
Border Path Pillar: A pillar made to fit along a border path or border pond. Can be used to support roofs.
Stacked Rocks: A series of stacked rocks, available in two sizes.
Artificial Hedge: Decorative hedges. Colonists can pass through them.
Tall Hedge: A hedge grown for decorative purposes.
Dense Grass: Tall, thick grass grown to hide the dirt ground.
Half Wall: A simple stone half wall, can be built with or without powered lanterns.
Flower arch: Used to decorate paths or wedding spots. Vines grow when it’s not too cold, and flowers bloom in the spring and summer seasons
Scenic Bench: Bench for colonists to sit at that gains beauty based on surroundings. Additional beauty is calculated for plants, water, and rivers.
Fountain: A decorative fountain of water, available in two sizes.
Standing Lantern: Decorative lantern for indoor areas.
Pedestal Lantern: Outdoors powered lantern for garden areas.
Zen Cherry Tree: A vibrant and colorful tree often grown for decoration. Produces zen cherries in the spring and summer. Can also be chopped down for cherrywood.
Persimmon Tree: A hardwood tree well known for its delicious soft fruit and uniquely dark heartwood. Produces persimmons in the fall and winter. Can also be chopped down for ebony wood.
Crabapple Tree: A colorful hardwood tree which grows small apples. Produces crabapples in the summer and fall. Can also be chopped down for wood.

Other Features:
Orchard Zone: Growing zone that prevents plants from being harvested, and instead allows harvesting of the secondary resources.
Rough Gravel: Cheaper gravel flooring that cannot be raked. May be found in the world as paths
Gravel Floor: A simple gravel floor that can be raked into vertical, horizontal, or curved patterns – or left unraked

Save Compatability
This mod can be added to existing saves.
Always back up your saves before adding new mods as there is always the possibility for issues.

Mod Compatability
Architect Sense: All gravel floors grouped together
Kura’s Extra Minerals: Gravel floors for stone types that do not overlap Cupro’s Stones
Cupro’s Stones: Gravel floors for stone types
Medieval Times: Desk requires Cherry Wood (based on description)
Survivalist’s Additions: Saguaro Cactus can be grown in an Orchard Zone to produce Prickly Pear; Cherries, Persimmon, and Crabapple can be used to make Vinegar
SeedsPlease: Seeds added for orchard trees ‘

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Mod Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1221867010

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